High Gloss and tech Fancy

A large renovation involving the removal of a wall and a steel beam concealed in the ceiling. This project had the involvement of every trade imaginable involving a lot of hours, problem solving and attention to detail. The result is stunning!  The beautiful oak/ply feature wall with touch screen computer and photo box makes use of what would have been a blank wall. The angled shape of the island works well to connect the adjacent spaces. The electronic opening drawers offer a streamlined look and are super easy to use.  And the various lighting features add warmth and accentuate the great combination of materials.


White with a Hint of Black

The removal of some spectacular late 90s aubergine and apricot colour accents was a good start to the transformation of this space into a stunning minimalist high gloss white kitchen with the perfect amount of black features.


Warm White

Over 6 years old, this project highlights how the pairing of timber with white is a no fail classic combination. Stainless steel, white stone and white cabinetry may sound like a recipe for a sterile, cold environment. Paired with timber accents, timber floors, linen curtains and some playful artwork this kitchen oozes warmth!


Go with the Grain

This was our showroom kitchen for 3 years.  A really great opportunity to experiment with materials and design details as well as show off the latest Blum hardware and storage solutions. This included electronic opening overhead cupboards and rubbish bin drawers as well as their famous space tower pantry unit.  We love the horizontal grain of the hand stitched veneer and the solid timber clashings.  


Accessories a Must

Working with a number of textures, colours and materials can be quite daunting, but with clients who knew exactly what they wanted and had a great collection of furniture, accessories and art this job came together perfectly to recreate the hub of the home.



Another large renovation involving the removal of a wall and a steel beam concealed in the ceiling.  The result being a much larger connected kitchen and dining space for this family of four.  The amount of white being softened by framing the doors, using a satin paint finish, adding handles and accents of timber.  


Plywood Delight

We love the lightness and warmth of the Maple Veneer on Birch Ply.  This kitchen renovation involved a rethink of storage solutions, swapping what was predominantly cupboard space with drawers and maximising storage space below the bench. A large new freestanding oven was incorporated into the design.


No handles thanks

A small kitchen that packs a big punch!  No handles throughout this kitchen were important in accentuating the edge detail that plywood has to offer as well as keeping a nice streamlined effect.  We also love the introduction of a hint of mint green, subway tiles and concrete grey benchtop. 


Retro style

A simple galley kitchen can make a small space really easy to use, especially if there is likely to be more than one person in the kitchen.  Using white as your base material then combining other colours and more importantly textures helps to warm the space and add character.  Having open display units breaks up all the doors and cupboards and is a great way to show off your favourite recipe books or ornaments.  


Old with the new

The decision to keep the existing exposed brick wall was an easy one in this renovation.  The brick wall adds massive amounts of character to the space and helps tell a story about the building's history.  This is another great example of how the pairing of white with timber and other colours and textures helps to warm up the space and really make it feel like a home. 


under bench storage

This small 1970's kitchen was completely demolished with a number of walls removed to completely open up the kitchen, dining and living spaces.  The result - bundles of natural light and a 3.5m kitchen peninsula which incorporates cooking, storage and entertainment space.


Angles galore

Not a right angle in sight!  What an interesting space to work with - building the cabinetry up to the ceiling helped streamline all the angles and make the most of the high storage where possible.  There is an ease of workflow in this kitchen with a large stone peninsula which combines storage and space for seating. 


Photography Credit -
Jeff McEwen - Capture Studios Wellington