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Joneen and Brenda are two Wellington based women with a flair for architecture and design.  

Servicing the wider Wellington region. Hello Home Interiors is led by Joneen (previously trading as In Haus Design), an Interior Architect with 10 years experience in the industry. Brenda is new to the team, bringing with her, a passion for interiors and a flair for design.

The Hello Home Interiors team will take you from the concept design stage, through to advising and specifying your final design.  We specialise in creating beautiful spaces and offer a professional, experienced and personalised service for your next project.

Hello Home Collections is Wellington made, by real people. Functional pieces manufactured by a local craftsman to the highest standard. Hand finished by us, these beautiful pieces are then ready to ship to you, conscious consumers with a passion for design. Just like us.

thoughtfully designed. locally crafted. pieces to love