Storage galore

Directly adjacent to its kitchen, this laundry offers a huge amount of functional storage as well as a wine fridge and Fisher and Paykel cool drawer for all your entertaining needs. 


bench space a plus

A large stretch of bench space,  huge tub and direct access to the washing line make this laundry super functional.


Narrow and high

In this very high narrow space we made the most of the height with functional storage space at arms reach and larger cupboards above.  A simple but large tub with bench over the washing machine and direct access to the washing line make this space easy to use.   




home office and library

An old pool room and entertainment space in this amazing home was transformed into a home office and library.  Keeping the carpet as a nod to the home's history was a pretty bold decision.  We love how the custom designed storage, shelving, desks and lighting adds so much warmth and character to this new functional space. 



A very specific brief to create a queen size bed that incorporated open and concealed storage, that could be easily moved and separated into two single kids beds at a later stage.  A lot of planning and detail, and a great material combination. We are delighted with the outcome.


home library

Making use of a wide hallway space can be a great way to incorporate a bookshelf.  This floor to ceiling custom designed shelf helps conceal a sliding door leading into the master bedroom. 


home entertainment

Custom designed plywood joinery that spans the length of this living room.  We made the shelving flexible and allowed space for cables to pass through and power points in different areas so lighting and home entertainment system could be incorporated.  We also allowed for child locks on the cupboards and drawers below so precious items could be stored safely.


Photography Credit -
Jeff McEwen - Capture Studios Wellington